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Do I need to read books – undoubtedly Yes. This question is answered in the affirmative by the majority of adults who can read. But when to do it. All day we revolve, like a squirrel in a wheel. In the morning, barely lifting his body from the comfortable bed the ringing Intrusive alarm clock, we are going to work, eating lunch in a hurry. On the way, need more time to get the kids to school. Working day passes at a furious pace, and here it ends. We hurry home. Here it is necessary to cook dinner, feed the family, walk the dog, help the child to do homework and crawl into bed, completely exhausted. When to read? Especially in bed. 15-20 minutes before bedtime. Just a few pages. First, this process will allow the brain to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the working day. Secondly, reading before sleep regenerates the nervous system. What to read? All that love and fun. You can start with Ernest Hemingway's "Fiesta (the sun also rises)", written in 1926. It is based on real events that occurred in the author's life. Perhaps this piece will help you to rethink your life and to overestimate the values of life.

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